Right time, right place…

This time, I was really lucky. My flightweather app showed fog up to 1500 meters above sea level, while the day before was already very foggy and dark. But one thing is for sure: the sun is always shining. It is just a question of altitude. So I googled for a road that is high enough, or at least leads to a high altitude, something above 1500 meters. This is actually quite easy when you live in Munich. The alps are just a few kilometers away. A few roads appeared in my research and I chose the well known “Rossfeld Höhenstrasse” – a high leveled panoramic sightseeing road, close to Berchtesgaden, near Salzburg. The road is actually exactly the border to Austria and its highest point is at 1530 meters above sea level. I tried my luck and hit the road. On the last 100 meters of driving, the fog got really bright. I knew, I will see the sun in just a few seconds. Just got out of the car, fired up the drone, got airbourne and started to film this breathtaking atmosphere. I was about 10 to 20 meters above a beautiful calm layer of think fog and clouds. The video is still not comparable to what I saw with my own eyes, absolutely breathtaking and calming.

Amazing flight with a DJI Mavic Mini

One thought on “Right time, right place…

  1. very calming . to go to a place where you are the only person for a short time. to hover above the clouds like a fleeing spirit. its my dream. one day. if i only have a short time . it will last forever in my heart.

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