4k Timelapse with the DJI Mavic Mini on top of the cloud layer.

At the Rossfeld Panoramic road i was able to shoot a timelaps with the DJI Mavic Mini drone. Started the drone and left it in around 50 meters altitude, waited until GPS and compass had a stable signal and then started to take a picture every 5 seconds.

After 25 minutes, the drone battery turned empty and I was landing the drone. The drone saved 208 Pictures with 12 megapixels to its storage card. Back at home, I ingested this pictures sequence into DaVinci Resolve and stabilized the video by locking the camera. I did not want a single shaking or moving of the drone. This means, the video clip is stablized by alligning the single pictures to a fixed point with AI, cropping unneeded material away, but still generates a video with a rock solid image. The video created has 24 frames per second, which translates to 8 seconds of video, generated only out of single pictures taken.

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